Telomere lengthening with Cycloastragenol IV 99% or Astragaloside IV 99% the save answer on the yet unknown FOXO4-dri. Read this article for the diferentces and similarities.

The secret to a longer, healthier life? Telomerase!

Use suplements to do something about crack aging. Stop aging through lengthening your telomeres. Feel younger instead of older. Telomeres are actually the clock of your age and the protection of your DNA. These telomeres are in our cells. Telomeres are the longest at birth and decrease in length after each cell division. The telomeres eventually disappear, after which no more new cells emerge and existing cells are vulnerable to diseases (like cancer) and other damage, this could eventually result in death. Through a technique called telomerase  (with a Nobel prize distinct) it is possible to extend these telomeres (link) . TA-65 is for example is one of the best known products in this area. Our products are of the same quality and 5 to 6 times lower priced compared to TA-65  . Also our dosage of our capsules is two times higher than TA-65, namely 10mg. The components of TA-65 are in fact Astragaloside IV 99% (0,001mg) and Cycloastragenol 99% (5,32mg) . It is important that you use the strength of 99%, in order to lengthen the telomeres. We sell only 99% in the highest quality available. We sell the perfect rejuvenation products.

Astragaloside IV Cycloastragenol 99% and 99%, Feel younger and be healthier.

Both products are taken from the herb Astragalus. Astragalus in low percentages cannot do much. The concentration of the appropriate molucule therefor is way too low. Fortunately, with the current techniques, it is possible to retrieve the correct molucule from this plant, even to concentration up to 99%. For one bottle therefore requires thousands roots of this plant, which is why these products are expensive. Cycloastragenol 99% is finer in texture and six times stronger than Astragaloside IV 99% . When tested on mice have shown these products  colored coat of the mice back again * when used at a later age, the shrunken brains (Alzheimer link)* returned back on volume and lived a much longer life. For these productes many tests found online, witch you can Google yourself or see our media movies. Our products also are known that you need less sleep and you will sleep better (link)* . In addition, our products have a big list of positive effects. Not all diseases are mentioned, you can Google yourself what these products or can do for what diseases. Some of the positive effects are well stated in the product description. Vegetable and therefore little or no side effects ! *

C60 in Olive Oil and Reseveratrol 99%

the other two products we sell are C60 in olive Oil  (Revolutionary discussed in the Dutch program Pauw on NPO1) and Resveratrol 99%  both strong antioxidant, concentrated. A DNA protector, immune booster, and for the prevention of various diseases * . Live longer and healthier. For example, rats live two to five times longer and continued vitality (link)*

Our four products

Cycoastragenol 99% and Astragaloside IV 99% are rejuvenators. Rejuvenation product (s) by telomerase. Resveratrol 99% and C-60 are cell improvisers (anti-oxidants). Take for example a rejuvenating product in combination with an anti-oxidant you can rejuvenate your cells and improve them * . Start today and stop aging!*

The bottles are vegetable, the bottle C60 is dissolved in olive oil.


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