C60 in Olive oil
  • C60 in Olive oil

C60 in Olive oil

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80 mg C60 dissolved in 100 ml Virgin olive oil 

1 teaspoon per day-1 bottle is sufficient for 60 days


C60 for less stress, more energy and resistance?

In 1985 the molecule C60 was discovered. In olive oil the C60 carbon molecule appears to have very special properties. It is often experienced that it reduces your stress, gives you more energy and improves your resistance *.

C60 Energy factories

C60 molecules can help the mitochondria (the energy factories of your cells) to function better so that you experience more energy *. Mitochondria can convert chemical energy from sugars, fats and proteins into a form of energy that can be used by the cell. They do this by reacting these substances with oxygen - in other words, to 'burn' with the help of enzymes. Cells that require a lot of energy, such as muscle cells, have many mitochondria.

C60 for repair and DNA protection?

C60 can help in repairing damage to the DNA. In a startling study showed that rats using C60 in olive oil got twice as old as the rats in the control group. The C60 rats remained active until old gae and their brains were still in very good condition. Above all, they did not die of cancer, which is usually the case. This result underlined previous smaller and lesser-known studies into the effects of C60 on animals. The mechanism of action of C60 in olive oil is still a mystery, but promising.

C60 Super anti-oxidant

C60 is a super anti-oxidant that does not dissappear. Anti-oxidants remove free radicals. These are aggressive substances that in adverse cases can cause damage to cells and tissues. For example, anti-oxidants can help against these damage and possibly prevent diseases in the long term. We use the highest quality C60 available of 99.9% purity.

Nobel Prize

In 1996 a Nobel Prize was awarded for this matter with this C60 "buckyball" molecule.


In the Dutch National TV broadcast of April 27, 2014, was told about C60 in oliveoil. The broadcast was about people of 100 and older.

The mechanism of action has not been confirmed on all fronts, but there are a number of assumptions:

  • More energy *
  • Faster recovery *
  • Good for heart and barrels *
  • Less sleep needed, more equipped *
  • Anti-stress *
  • Increase libido *
  • Delay aging processes *
  • Prevention of gray hair *
  • Sun protection UV and ionizing radiation *
  • Beter skin *
  • Anti-viral effect *
  • Against various allergic reactions *
  • Stimulation of the immune system *
  • Anti-oxidant effect *
  • Anti-cancer *
  • Good for the brain *

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Use 1 teaspoon per day.

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100ml 80mg C60 99.9%