Cyloastragenol 99% 25mg
  • Cyloastragenol 99% 25mg

Cyloastragenol 99% 25mg

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1 till 2 capsules per day

1 bottle is sufficient for 60 days (when using 1 capsule a day)

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Content: 25 mg capsule Cycloastragenol Content 99%, Vegatable Cellulose, Chitosan 

Take on an empty stomach. For example, in the morning or before bed. 


The secret of a longer and healthier life? Telomerase!

Astragaloside IV 99% & Cycloastragenol 99% seen by many as the key against aging by means of extending telomeres. These telomeres are actually the clock of your cells and protect your DNA. Telomeres are the longest at birth and decrease in length after each cell division. Until the telomeres finally disappear, after which no new cells are formed and the existing cells are vulnerable to diseases and / or damage. This can eventually result in death. By means of a technique called TELOMERASE (awarded with a Nobel Prize) it is possible to extend these telomeres. Astragaloside IV 99% & Cycloastragenol 99% are telomerase activators. * Start today with this ideal rejuvenation product, with the highest available percentage of 99%, and feel younger instead of older.


Every cell in your body contains DNA. The DNA contains all the information needed to build your body and to function. During our life, this DNA gets damaged further and eventually more and more information disappears. This eventually leads to aging and the additional defects. One of the best-known diseases that arise from damage to DNA is cancer, among other things. * By extending your teleomers (by using this product), you will prevent exposure of the DNA and protect yourself against these damages.

Telomeric activator Astragaloside IV 99% or Cycloastragenol 99%?

Cycloastragenol 99% and Astragaloside IV 99% are extracted from the root of the Astragalus plant. A plant that has been used for more than 2000 years in traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine, because it slows down the aging process. To get these substances in sufficient quantity and purity in a capsule, a complicated process is required. More than a thousand plants are needed, but the result are impressive!

Cycloastragenol 99% is proportionately stronger than Astragaloside IV 99%. Cycloastragenol 99% is extracted from Astragaloside IV in a ratio of 1: 6. It is therefor more viable as a telomerase activator (telomeric activator). *

Nobel Prize

Extending this process of telomeres is so revolutionary that scientists received a Nobel Prize in 2009.


The benefits of Cycloastragolol 99% and Astragaloside IV 99% are great, as I said earlier. We will suffice with the following: What are the consequences if the aging of cells is severely impaired and with that aging and thereby your vitality age 10 years or more reversing? * What do vaeken for the recovering power, the organs, the immune system and the whole functioning of the body? * If your cells live longer and your life is prolonged? *

Side effects

Till now, no side effects are known.

The mechanism of action has not been confirmed on all fronts, but there are a number of assumptions:

  • Better sleep *
  • Rejuvenation product (telomerase) *
  • Against depression *
  • Immune improver *
  • Better view / colors / depth (eyes) *
  • Protection of organs *
  • Higher resistance (immune booster) *
  • Better skin / structure / elastic *
  • More energy *
  • Hair: less loss, faster growth and color return *
  • Against various syndromes *
  • Faster recovery after illness *
  • Against wear and age phenomena *
  • Against depressions *

We sell Astragaloside IV & Cycloastragenol with a purity of 99%.

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We sell Astragaloside IV and Cycloastragenol with a purity of 99% . Our products are highly competitive in terms of price, in particular by the high purity and concentration. Stop Aging Buy this activator today!

Advice use 1 to 2 capsules per day.

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