Trans Resveratrol 99% 500mg 120 capsules
  • Trans Resveratrol 99% 500mg 120 capsules

Trans Resveratrol 99% 500mg 120 capsules

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Resveratrol 99% 60 capsules 500mg

1 to 4 capsules per day

Content 60 capsules a bottle

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Content capsule: 500 mg Resveratrol, Vegatable Cellulose

Take while eating.


What is Resveratrol (99% trans-resveratrol)?

Resveratrol is among others in red wine and in the Japanese knotweed.
Red wine is known to be good for the heart, blood vessels, skin and hair. It is an anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties *. The substance that is responsible for this is called Resveratrol. one liter of red wine contains 1.5 to 3 milligram of Resveratrol. Starting from 3 milligrams, you need 166 to 167 liters to get one capsule of our 500mg Resveratrol. Our Resveratrol has a purity of 99%. This gives the best result.

Resveratrol 99% less tired, more energy

Resveratrol 99% has a positive effect on the mitochondria *. Mitochondria are the energy factories of your cells. Resveratrol 99% has a positive influence on the genes, as a result of which wear and / or aging processes are slowed down or stopped. * Resveratrol is also a natural repellent against viruses, bacteria and inflammations.

The mechanism of action has not been confirmed on all fronts, but there are a number of assumptions:

    • More energy *
    • Delaying growth Cancer cells *
    • Protection of organs. Such as Kidneys, Liver, Heart, blood vessels and brains *
    • Anti-Diabetes *
    • Substain less fat *
    • Faster recovery after illnesses *
    • Immune booster *
    • Ignition inhibitor *
    • Good for the skin (Collagen increasing) *
    • Against viruses *
    • Improvement of vision including stare *
    • Reducing blood pressure *
    • Slowing down Alzheimer's disease *
    • Better blood circulation, (warmer) hands and feet *
    • Reduction of Cholesterol, against the closing of veins *

Preferably not to be used in combination with blood thinners.

Our Resveratrol of 99% is not comparable to the lower percentages that can be bought elsewhere.

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Advice 1 to 4 capsules per day (500mg). Take with meals.